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  • The Entire Nix Institute Program, Including:
  • 24/7 access to the online members area so you can quickly reference solutions to almost any health problem…
  • 39 video lessons you can watch from anywhere…
  • 6 killer special reports with healing insights you just won’t hear anywhere else…
  • ​​Expert interviews with: A Sex Healer… A “Chocolate Shaman” and… a couple that taught me about fermentation and gut-health…
  • A quick-reference guide so you find a solution to your exact symptoms – FAST! 
  • ​All new materials I post in the future...
  • ​Exclusive “member’s only” Q&A sessions to help get you started quickly and keep you moving toward your goals…
  • ​Access to special advanced training materials… Patient Empowerment and Self-Care
  • Plus, your two bonus special reports:
  • “These Seven Supplements Are Killing You”… and,
  • “The One $10 Tool That Instantly Ends All Stress”
What life could be like after joining 
The Nix Institute For Self-Healing And Integration
  • You won’t have to rely on your doctor anymore… so you’ll be rid of all the time-sucking appointments that do absolutely nothing to help you… and leave you wondering if they even have your best interest at heart. 
  • You could be free from all the nasty side effects and health issues from meds… simply because you don’t need to take them anymore. 
  • You could end up saving hundreds – even thousands – of dollars on medical costs as you get the benefits of “feeling younger each year”… 
  • ​You’ll actually know a lot more than your doctor about certain conditions (in fact, they might end up asking YOU for advice!)  
  • ​You’ll have the rock-solid immune for fighting off things like Coronavirus – and other seasonal flu outbreaks…
  • ​You’ll become a respected source of healing advice to your friends and family – because you’ll have real skills for dealing with common health problems… ones 99.99% of the population, simply doesn’t know about.
  • ​You’ll feel more energetic… calm… clear headed… and healthy than you’ve felt in decades…
  • And you’ll feel all the other amazing benefits that come from knowing how to live a long, energetic, disease-free life.
"I have a sense of well-being that I haven't felt in 20 or more years. Thank you Doctor Nix."      - Don

"I haven’t felt this great in years. Dr. Nix is amazing and knows what he is doing. Thank you. "   - Shawna

"I feel so much better and I'm now realizing that my ability to do things and go places isn’t over. Thanks Dr. Nix."                - Diane
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